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Holiday Programmes


MakeRoom Holiday Programmes

Our holiday programme runs every term break as well as over the summer.  It is made up of one day workshops focusing on a big build with lots of fun learning along the way.  Everyone gets to take the project they have constructed home with them.


- One day sessions

- Only 6 Kids per group

- 9am to 3.30pm

- $125 (including GST) for the day

- Open to kids aged 10-14

- Parents and Guardians welcome


The holiday programme is run from our home base in Miramar.  118 Miramar North Road.


On the day:

- Students should bring their own food and water bottle (morning tea and lunch)

- Students should wear closed toed shoes for safety in the workshop

- Students with long hair should have it tied back for safety


Term Three 2022

This one is going to be popular!  Come build your very own “USB Game Controller”, based around the Arduino Microcontroller.

 This device comes with a 2m long USB cable that plugs into any computer USB port.  Once connected the controller lets you play all your favourite video games just as if you had a store bought controller.  Joysticks, four button keypad, front triggers, plus colour changing LEDs shine out the side of the perspex frame.

 On the day you’ll get to customise the top of your controller with spray paint, wire and solder the components together plus screw and assemble all the pieces.  And, of course, you get to take your creation home!

 No previous experience is required (although this project does require some quite intricate soldering) and you’re welcome to bring a grown up if you want to.

 This workshop will run on the following days. Please note it is a one day workshop so students should only book for one session.


Monday 3rd October (9am - 3.30pm)

Tuesday 4th October (9am - 3.30pm)

Wednesday 5th October (9am - 3.30pm)

Thursday 6th October (9am - 3.30pm)

Friday 7th October (9am - 3.30pm)



Where Do I Book?

We use "EnrolMy" to manage our holiday programme bookings.  Secure your spot using the links at the bottom of the page.


Do You Have A Gift Card?

If you have a gift card and would like to redeem it for an upcoming holiday programme please e-mail us at with your gift card number and the details of the programme you want to book for.