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Holiday Programme - Infinity Portal Light Box

Here we have another awesome brain bending holiday programme project.  Introducing the "Infinity Portal Light Box".   You've probably seen the 'infinity' effect when two mirrors are lined up side by side - this project combines that illusion with a colour changing LED strip run by a small Arduino Nano Microcontroller.


Powered by USB this box lets you open it up and place inside any small object.  This objects is then lit by the LEDs and becomes part of the infinity effect.  A Rotary Encoder on top of the box lets you change the LED mode as well as the overall brightness.  


And if that wasn't enough we've also packed in a small sound sensor and built some modes that react to the sound level in the room.  How cool is that!


On the day everyone will get to spray paint their enclosure, solder the components together, glue and screw the box and hinges - as well as customise the code and light effects.  And, of course, you get to take your creation home!


No previous experience is required and you’re welcome to bring a grown up if you want to. Please note it is a one day workshop so students should only book for one session.


Check out the video below to learn more...

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