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Holiday Programme - Arduino Synth

Presenting the “Arduino Synthesizer”!  Whether you are a budding electronic musician or just like making noise, this glorious sound creator will keep you happy for hours.

Utilising the Arduino microcontroller and an array of buttons and dials you can manipulate the TWO inbuilt sound synthesis engines:


This step based sequence generator has a variety of preset arpeggio patterns that can be sped up, filtered, distorted, pitched and more.


This oscillating digital synth can make an almost infinite array of warping, phase modulating effects from gentle pulsing rhythms up to chaotic alien like squeaks and screeches.

The unit is powered by a USB cable and if you are unsure if your family will really want you scaring the cat don’t worry, it has a headphone output as well. 

On the day you will be spray painting the box, soldering together all the components, programming the microcontroller and assembling it all together.  Plus of course you get to take your creation home with you.

No previous experience is required and you’re welcome to bring a grown up if you want to.

Please note it is a one day workshop so students should only book for one session.

 Check out the video below to learn more...


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