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Holiday Programme - Arduino Reaction Game

Arduino Reaction Game


Test your peripheral vision and reaction times with family and friends using this awesome unique take home project.  The main LED array has 35 RGB LEDs as well as an LCD display and built in speaker (for sound effects).  It comes with three built in games:

1)  Tap Race - compete with another person to see who can get their token to the end of the LED strip.  Each tap of your button will move you one step closer to your side, but of course your competition will be working to get it in the opposite direction.

2)  Tennis - time your button press as precisely as you can to send the ball back to the other side with maximum velocity.  Mistime your click (too late or too soon) and you lose the point.

3) Reaction Time - Use your peripheral vision to keep an eye out for your colour of LED amongst all the flashing dots.  Once you see your colour tap your button as quickly as you can.  After five rounds each the winner is the one with the quickest average reaction time.

On the day you will get to spray paint parts of your project, solder all the electronics, assemble and screw together all the various layers and button boxes as well as upload the code to the built in Arduino Nano.  The unit is powered by standard USB.


No previous experience is required and you’re welcome to bring a grown up if you want to.


Please note it is a one day workshop so students should only book for one session.


Check out the video below to learn more...



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