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Adult Classes - What The BLEEP Is Coding


ADULT CLASS - What The BLEEP Is Coding?

  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior experience required)
  • DURATION: 4 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm) across 4 weeks
  • COST: $160 (Covers all 4 weeks)
Unlock the world of coding in just four weeks with our exciting new evening adult class, "What the Bleep is Coding?" Designed specifically for parents and educators who are curious about coding but have little to no prior experience, this course is your gateway to understanding the digital language that powers our modern world.

In Week One, dive into the fun and interactive world of Scratch, a beginner-friendly platform that will have you creating your own animations and games in no time. Week Two introduces you to small robots (Make Block mbots), where you'll be introduced to coding with microcontrollers, learning how to program them to perform tasks and solve challenges.

Week Three is all about Python, one of the most versatile and widely used programming languages today. You'll grasp the fundamentals of coding logic and start building your own Python programs. Finally, in Week Four, explore the world of Arduino and C programming, where you'll gain insights into hardware and develop your coding skills to control real-world devices.

Join us in a welcoming and safe space where you can explore the "What the Bleep is Coding?" class alongside fellow beginners. Our expert instructor will guide you through each step, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed to embark on your coding journey. Don't miss this opportunity to demystify coding and equip yourself for a digital future. Enrol today and unlock the power of code!

Course Dates:

Week 1: Thursday 16th November (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Thursday 23rd November (7pm - 9pm)
Week 3: Thursday 30th November (7pm - 9pm)
Week 4: Thursday 7th December  (7pm - 9pm)


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