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Adult Classes - Term One 2022


MakeRoom Adult Classes

Our aim with these adult classes is to create an informal friendly space where people can enjoy learning new skills (or refreshing old ones) in a relaxed fun way.  Only 6 adults per group.


All the classes run from our home base in Miramar.  118 Miramar North Road.


Do You Have A Gift Card?

If you have a gift card and would like to redeem it for an upcoming Adult Class please e-mail us at with your gift card number and the details of the programme you want to book for.


Term One 2022

Hexagonal LED Pods - $125 (3 Weeks)

  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior making experience required)
  • DURATION: 3 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm) across 3 weeks


We had so many parents and adults eyeing up these “Hexagonal LED Pods” from the school holiday programme we decided to offer them as an Adult Class as well. Powered by the Arduino Microcontroller you can change the light effect at the push of a button, or even have the lights react to sound using the built in microphone.  From a gentle changing rainbow ripple through to spinning wheels of colour - choose a setting to match your mood.

No experience is required. We will be spending the time soldering all the components together, preparing and glueing the pod frames and finally loading the code onto the Arduino Microcontroller.


Course Dates:

Week 1: Wednesday 2nd Mar (7pm-9pm)

Week 2: Wednesday 9th Mar (7pm-9pm)

Week 3: Wednesday 16th Mar (7pm-9pm)


Skill Builder: Introduction To Soldering - $45 (1 Week)

  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior making experience required)
  • DURATION: 1 x 2hr Evening Session (7-9pm)


This course is one of our single evening “Skill Builder” sessions.  It introduces people to the useful skill of electronics soldering.  You will learn the tools required, the basic technique of through-hole soldering, as well as assembling a small project you can take home with you.  Along the way we will introduce the most common electronic components and their function.

No experience is required.


Course Dates:

Wednesday 23rd March (7pm-9pm)


Maker Box - $165 (4 Weeks)

  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior making experience required)
  • DURATION: 4 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm) across 4 weeks

Looking for an awesome place to store your making supplies and tools?  Come build our funky Maker Box (some people might even call it a tool box).  Inspired by the vintage craft boxes from last century, the base is 12mm ply with the top and handle made of Lasercut MDF.

No experience is required.  Everyone will get to hammer and glue all the pieces together, sand, and varnish as well as using the laser cutter to etch a design onto the top of the box and cut a stencil to spray paint onto the side.


Course Dates:

Week 1: Wednesday 30th March (7pm-9pm)

Week 2: Wednesday 6th April (7pm - 9pm)

Week 3: Wednesday 13th April (7pm - 9pm)

Week 4: Wednesday 20th April (7pm - 9pm)


Introduction To Arduino Programming - $350 (9 Weeks)

  • LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE (some prior coding/electronics experience would be beneficial)
  • DURATION: 9 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm) across 9 weeks


This practical, 9 week, hands on course is aimed at those interested in getting to grips with how to use and program the Arduino family of microcontrollers.  The provided materials  include your own Arduino Uno prototype board, reference material as well as many of the components used in the course.

From the basics of making simple connections to the Arduino you will work up to understanding more complicated concepts like the I2C bus, Interrupts, PWM, Stepper Motors, Neopixels, Relays, Mosfets and more.  In the final two weeks participants build a small take home Arduino project.  The goal is to give everyone the skills and confidence they need to incorporate Arduinos into their future designs.


Course Dates:

Week 1: Friday 25th February (7pm-9pm)

Week 2: Friday 4th March (7pm-9pm)

Week 3: Friday 11th March (7pm-9pm)

Week 4: Friday 18th March (7pm-9pm)

Week 5: Friday 25th March (7pm-9pm)

Week 6: Friday 1st April (7pm-9pm)

Week 7: Friday 8th April (7pm-9pm)

Week 8: Friday 15th April (7pm-9pm) Easter Friday

Week 9: Friday 22nd April (7pm-9pm)


Where Do I Book?

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