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Adult Classes - LED Neon Signs



  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior making experience required)
  • DURATION: 3 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm) across 3 weeks
  • COST: $145 (Covers all 3 weeks)


During this course everyone will get to design and build their own awesome LED Neon Sign.  The sign can be up to 50cm x 40cm and there are a range of colours available.

The design for the sign will be completed using the open source program 'Inkscape'.  The frame will then be cut out of clear acrylic or painted timber board using our laser cutter.  

The neon strip can be cut and soldered together to make sharp corners or bent into reasonably tight curves as shown in the photo above.  Once all the neon pieces are positioned they will be glued then soldered together and powered by a standard 12 Volt wall adaptor (which is provided).

No prior experience is required.


Course Dates (May):

Week 1: Wednesday 24th May (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Wednesday 31st May (7pm-9pm)
Week 3: Wednesday 7th June (7pm-9pm)


Course Dates (June):

Week 1: Monday 12th June (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Monday 19th June (7pm-9pm)
Week 3: Monday 26th June (7pm-9pm)


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