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2020 - Term One - Ow. My Ears.

Words and photos by Alice and Eva of "The Assorted Indecisives"


Hi we are Alice and Eva. We are your writers and demons. Me, Eva, I’m the Cheese Demon. And Alice is the Birb Demon. But enough about us. I assume you want to know about what happened at STEM class. It was a noisy experience. Sorry, that was cringy.

Here’s our class!

I’m the one in the NASA shirt wondering why she exists, heh. Alice is the smol one doing the hit or miss pose. Then there’s Zaden (the dude in the black shirt), Bailey (wearing the yellow and black jacket- oh hey, Bee Movie), Caden (who’s not in the photo), and Paige (also not in the picture). Oh, and of course, Jonathan, our amazing teacher!

As you can see, we’re gathered around a large speaker. Hang on.. I got a better photo of it..

Jonathan built an incredible, incredibly simple speaker. With just some wire, a crap ton of tape, and some blue construction paper, we could hear people talking on the radio. Cool!

Jonathan played low-frequency and high-frequency sounds through different speakers; a small one and a large one. The smaller one handled high-frequency noises better, while the larger one dealt with low-frequency noises better. I took a photo of the inside of a speaker for no reason. Hehe.

Well- there’s my notes-

Some people had the idea to put water in the speaker and then play noises through it. Jonathan put plastic wrap on the top first. (killjoy) (NO I WAS JOKING YOU’RE THE BEST TEACHER ;-;) 

Here’s the frequency-maker-thing. 

The waves are extremely small and close together, making a trippy (yet cool) illusion. It’s hard to see in the camera though. :( 

When we kept turning the frequency up, The waves became even smaller to the point where we couldn’t even see them.

If you look closely around the edges, you can see it slightly bends upwards. There are also air bubbles caught in the water.

Jonathan brought in a bucket with the bottom cut out and covered with a piece of cloth. He filled the bucket with smoke from a... well, a smoke machine. I assume you aren’t stupid. I assume..

When he puffed out the cloth on the bottom, smoke came out the top, through the circular hole cut in paper. It’s hard to see in this photo, but you can see the smoke okay. 

I didn’t take any pictures of this part, but we went outside and filmed Zaden clapping two wooden boards together from a relatively far distance. And me and Alice were on comms! Very chill. When we got back to the classroom, we used a video editing program to figure out how big the delay was.

Sorry about the terrible photo, it was the only one I took. 

I was in the bathroom for quite a while after that (DON’T JUDGE ME WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE), so I didn’t really help figure out what the speed of sound was. Here’s the whiteboard though.

Oh, one more thing. 

Jonathan put a beeping mechanism in a bottle and put some kind of vacuum-thing on top, which sucked out all the air and made the noise stop. Because noise needs air to travel through, when there’s no air, there’s no noise.

Well, that’s all there is to talk about. I hope I’ll see you people again soon!!