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2019 - Term One - Week One - Welcome To 2019!

Welcome back everybody!  It’s 2019 - the sun is shining and there is making to be done.


Stem Club has just finished its first week back and as everyone arrived fresh from the holidays they got to see some of the big changes that have been taking place at MakeRoom.    


Yes, our builders are in and we’re pleased to say that in a few weeks time we will have our second classroom space up and running.  This week we start working with our new tutors so that come the start of term two we can double our capacity and have two classes running at the same time!  Very exciting.  So if you have friends for family on the waitlist the waiting should soon be over!


Speaking of classes, it is becoming a tradition to have the first week of each term as our Engineering Challenge week.  So for almost all our groups we had great sessions scratching our heads, coming up with solutions to not so everyday problems.



Questions like:


How strong can you make a bridge out of Spaghetti?  



And how slowly can you travel down a zipline? 



One of the things that makes Engineering Challenges fun is all the interesting bits and pieces that get spread out for everyone to use.  This week many of our groups were introduced to bearings (those are the things that make Fidget Spinners spin) amongst other things.




We have some great projects planned for the year so stay tuned for much making merriment.  Next week our new VR equipment is going to get its first outing...


Have a great day!