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2018 - Term Two - Week Seven - Aviaya’s Big BANG Blog about Electro Magnetism

Text and photos by:

Aviaya Carey


Hello! My name is Aviaya, I am almost 11 years old and have been going to Stem Club for one term.  I was inspired to go to Stem Club after I went to an afterschool program called Recycled Robots.

I really enjoy going to Makeroom because it’s fun, interesting and I like making things, trialling new ideas and learning about how things work.  I go with my twin sister, Isabella and two friends Heidi and Amy.



This week we made an Electro Magnetism board with three different activities.  First, we connected a terminal block (aka chocolate block 😊) and some batteries onto a wooden board. Then we put the wires into the first two terminals. After that, Nigel gave us a nail that had one positive wire sellotaped on to it.  We put it into a terminal with the positive battery (the 2ndterminal), then we wound a wire around a big nail and connected one end of the wire to the terminal with the negative battery wire. The other end of the wire we connected to the third terminal.  That completed the circuit for the first activity which made the big nail into a magnet.  I really enjoyed connecting the wires to the terminal block because I knew it would finish the circuit.

In this session I learned that I could make a magnet using electricity and that magnets are used daily in everyday life.

The hard bit was that we had to put more than one wire into one terminal, that was very challenging! Over all it was super interesting and FUN.