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Adult Classes - Introduction To Arduino


ADULT CLASS - Introduction To Arduino Programming


  • LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE (some prior coding/electronics experience would be beneficial)
  • DURATION: 9 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm)
  • COST: $350 (Covers all 9 sessions)


This practical, 9 week, hands on course is aimed at those interested in getting to grips with how to use and program the Arduino family of microcontrollers.  The provided materials  include your own Arduino Uno prototype board, reference material as well as many of the components used in the course.

From the basics of making simple connections to the Arduino you will work up to understanding more complicated concepts like the I2C bus, Interrupts, PWM, Stepper Motors, Neopixels, Relays, Mosfets and more.  In the final two weeks participants build a small take home Arduino project.  The goal is to give everyone the skills and confidence they need to incorporate Arduinos into their future designs.


Course Dates:

Week 1: Thursday 2nd February (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Thursday 9th February (7pm-9pm)
Week 3: Thursday 16th February (7pm-9pm)
Week 4: Thursday 23rd February (7pm-9pm)
Week 5: Thursday 2nd March (7pm-9pm)
Week 6: Thursday 9th March (7pm-9pm)
Week 7: Thursday 16th March (7pm-9pm)
Week 8: Thursday 23rd March (7pm-9pm)
Week 9: Thursday 30th March (7pm-9pm)


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