Adult Classes - Guitar Pedal


ADULT CLASS - Guitar Pedal

$190 (4 Weeks)


  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior experience required)
  • DURATION: 4 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm)
  • COST: $190 (Covers all 4 sessions)


Specially designed for MakeRoom. Lee Nicolson ( has put together a pedal that looks cool and sounds great. We will take you through the assembly of this awesome noise maker.  If we were to describe it you might say it is a "Vintage Fuzz with Velcro Textures".  Check out the video below (audio only) for a demo.  You’ll be soldering together all the components, bending the perspex to make the top of the case and assembling the wooden base.

Course Dates:

Week 1: Thursday 14th March (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Thursday 21st March (7pm-9pm)
Week 3: Thursday 28th March (7pm-9pm)
Week 4: Thursday 4th April (7pm-9pm)


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