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Adult Classes - EMF Listener




$135 (3 Weeks)


  • LEVEL: BEGINNER (no prior experience required)
  • DURATION: 3 x 2hr Evening Sessions (7-9pm)
  • COST: $135


Having spent many years working as a sound engineer I’m always interested in quirky noise making gadgets.  This is one that will definitely annoy the dog (check out the video below).  It allows you to listen to the Electro Magnetic Field that radiates from any piece of electronic equipment.  Useful as an interesting noise generator or more practically as a tool for finding wires in walls.  During the course you’ll spray paint the pieces that make up the box and solder all the components together.  The unit runs on a recycled battery cell that can be charged from any USB charger.  It has a stereo line and headphone output as well as a multi-colour LED that indicates the strength of the field it is sensing.

No prior experience is required.


Course Dates:

Week 1: Thursday 8th December (7pm-9pm)
Week 2: Thursday 15th December (7pm-9pm)
Week 3: Thursday 22nd December (7pm-9pm)



The EMF Circuit in action (the box design has changed from when this video was recorded)

The EMF Circuit in it's new box playing through an 80's Tape Delay Effect


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