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Convenient labelled drawers for miscellaneous items

By Amos of "The Monday Men"


My Class

That’s me doing the weird squinty thing 

hamish , looking at something interesting, Becket, looking at the camera  with a determined mission impossible face, Antonio (not pictured), Ollie (also not pictured),


This week we started off by finishing off our frames and making sure that all the dips were facing outward because that was where the backs would fit in.

Then we placed in the middle piece and glued in the back, placing magnets on top of it to make sure the glue dried.

Following that we picked up a paintbrush and began painting our recently primed drawers adding more white to the paint every time we started a new one.

When we had finished painting the drawer fronts we hooked them up on the hooks that we had previously put in and let them dry.

After that we began putting together our drawers.

We took as many laser cut pieces as we needed for eight boxes and arranges them like so, then applied glue to the edges and stood them upright, this is what our drawer would look like, then all we had to do was put on rubber bands to make sure everything stayed in place and waited for it to dry.