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2020 - Term Three - Levers, Pulleys and Machine Advantage

Levers, pulleys and machine advantage

By Kenzyl and Samuel

Hi I'm Kenzyl and in this lesson we learned about machine advantage and machine learning.

As our group always starts, we look into the weekly question. we look into different types of blood and how they are different. Nigel explained about antigens and how some and some can’t mix.



Nigel explaining about antigens on the grey wall.

After the weekly question we went to the main activity. First, Nigel made a tricky hangman game that eventually spelled mechanical advantage.

 Nigel writing down some of the letters of hangman.

Then we looked at pulleys. Nigel talked about machine advantage, when without a machine the job would be harder. With one pulley, pulling a weight the same distance had no advantage, but when we used 3 pulleys, the job was much easier. 

The first test.

Testing if more pulleys has an advantage.

Close to the end of the session, Nigel showed us about axles, and we got to make some out of lego!  and then how our main project works, a solar powered and hand cranked usb charger.

The phone is charging from the charger.

At the end of the session, Nigel showed us mini oscilloscopes and how they work. Nigel had constructed them himself.They were fun and the session was huge fun!

The oscilloscope is functioning well.