2019 - Term One - Week Two - Virtual Reality

Words and Photos by Benjamin Sobell of "The Electric Space Smarties"


Hi I’m Ben


This is my second year at STEM club and I am psyched! 


Today’s focus was Virtual Reality (Probably the best class I’ve ever done!)

First we talked about the different dimensions: 1d, 2d, 3d, and 4d.


Nigel demonstrated the different Dimensions using paper.


1 Dimension = a line

2 Dimension = a square

3 Dimension = a cube

4 Dimension = Time (or it could be demonstrated as a hypercube or tesseract)


Nigel drew a picture of Henry and Clem being flat in a 2D world. When Paper Clem showed Paper Henry how to jump his little flat mind was BLOWN!  He explained that if you went into a higher dimension than yours no-one would see you.  His demonstration was pretty funny.


We see 3d because we have two eyes. They both see from different perspectives. For example we looked at a bottle with one eye covered then the other. Every time we did so it moved a little because each eye receives a slightly different image that the brain processes as one.


 Next we put on some VR headsets called Oculus Go. They were SO COOL!!


 Everyone went into Space. Everyone, but me! I was magically transported to... A LIVING ROOM!! 


Next we watched a 3D video with lots of different scenes from lots of different countries for example sand buggy races, skiing and Niagara Falls. 


How VR works:



After that, we went onto a thing called CoSpaces where you can go into loads n’ loads of worlds in 3D(soooo fun.).


We then went on the computers and made our own worlds in CoSpaces! Mine was called “Um...” because it had so many random things in it.


We ran out of time so I hi-fived Nigel and left.