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2018 - Term Two - Week Nine - Finishing Amplifers.

Text and photos by:

ELI SCOTT of "The Megabots"


Our group is called “The Megabots”.  Nigel thought it would take us ages to choose our name but one of us spotted Megabots on the cover of one of the “Make” magazines.  Everyone liked that name and we voted straight away.



We finished our Amplifiers this week.  First we had to cut some wires to the right length for our volume knob, speaker, LED and switch.  Then we had to strip them and tin them so that we could solder them to our board.  I really enjoy soldering.



This is actually an old photo from one of my projects last term.

For my amplifier I chose to stain my timber blue and red, with a blue LED.  There weren’t too many tricky bits this week.  Once we had soldered everything together we had to fit all the pieces in place and then using some big fat screws clamp all the perspex and wood together.


Finally we got to put our 9 volt battery in and test whether our amplifier worked.  Nigel gave us some cool green connector cables and that meant we could connect our amplifier to Nigel’s phone (and my ipod).  Mine worked!  Not all of the amplifiers worked first time but Nigel has helped fix the ones that had problems.



That was the end of Term Two.  I will be coming back to Stem Club in Term Three.  I hope that in the future we will do:


Build a Robot

My crazy car idea that has a water cannon


Thanks for reading!