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2018 - Term Two - Week Six - Robotic Madness!

Text and photos by:

Benedict McNaughton of "The Circuit Makers"

Hi I am Ben and I am a stem clubber. I like coding and I am just going to talk about that!  I come to stem club because I don’t get very many opportunities to do sculpting and making and I have been coming to Stem club for a term and a half.


This session was about coding robots called “m-Bots”. I learned in stem club a bit more about coding and self-driving cars. It was also fun to learn about the sensing that the robots have.  I enjoyed everything like I mostly do in stem club. 
It was kind of tricky to find the exact right pieces for the coding and also to get the code exactly right. Nigel told us to make our own code after we had a little play with Nigel’s code and then he gave us a specific code to make the m-bots follow the black lines. We watched a video about self-driving cars. Some people held a challenge called dapa and it was a challenge about self-driving cars.  We learnt lots of things in that session.  It was fun to watch the robots drive on the black lines and turn around when they where close to crashing.


Wait no its not the end yet, I have one more thing to say, when we had to make our own code me and sabe made police cars. okay now it’s the end.