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2018 - Term Four - Week Two - Programming the Bug Bots



Hi, I'm Ritesh


 I have been in stem club for two years.


 I come to stem club to learn about hands on things that schools don't teach and to have fun learning about my hobbies such as science, technology and so on. I think stem club is a great place with awesome people.


 Today, we programmed the BugBots to do whatever we liked. First we tinkered with the program so that the bots moved in a straight line instead of slowly turning whilst moving forwards. Then we read the BugBots code sheet so we knew what code did what things, then we started coding. 



Otto coding his robot


 After that we worked on a big sign that said "MAKER" that Nigel had built. Paul drilled holes into a medium sized box with perspex and Otto was screwing the arduino uno onto a piece of wood. Viraaj was soldering and tinning wires onto a voltage regulator and Luka was researching what pins did what on the voltage regulator. I soldered and tinned wires onto a voltage regulator and tinned a plug for the maker sign.



Paul working on the box for the maker sign


 The hardest part for me was soldering the voltage regulators, they were small and the wires kept moving. The easy part was the coding, it was simple because it was in the format scratch uses. The funny thing was that Luka and Otto kept turning on the music and it kept changing halfway through the song.




 I think today was a pretty simple and funny day at stem club. Make sure you join stem club if you haven't, it's really fun.