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2018 - Term Four - Week One - Spaghetti Bridges



Hi I’m Austin and I have been going to Stem Club since it started.  I am a founding member.  Stem Club is ………. AWESOME!!!!!


And this is what happens when you make bridges out of spaghetti and put it to the test.



The challenge was to make a bridge out of spaghetti and you had three glue sticks and that was all.  You were not allowed to use anything else.  It went well.  Eli was using triangular shapes like this.



Whereas Vinnie used layers.



Now for the comedy.  Everyone started eating the spaghetti!!!  Hahahaha what fun.


About half of this was gone…



… by the time we finished with it.


The mechanism was simple.  Weigh your bridge then put your bridge in between the two blocks and hook the bucket on.  Continuously pour water in the bucket until your bridge breaks.





Then when your bridge collapses you should see this.







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